Skilled Nursing

Partners Pharmacy provides comprehensive and progressive long-term care pharmacy solutions that meet specific client needs and enable client communities to achieve and surpass cost containment efforts, technology requirements and customer service goals. Services include on-site automated medication management technology, eMAR/EMR integration supportinfusion therapy, as well as professional support services provided by Partners’ dedicated Customer Care Representatives and Clinical Consultant Pharmacists.

Facility-specific Customer Care Representatives, the Partners Pharmacy support team and expert Clinical Consultant Pharmacists (vary by state regulations) are always available to assist in customizing pharmacy solutions to the unique needs of each client community served. Partners provides expertise across the full continuum of pharmacy services, including customized formulary development, cost-reduction strategies, medication regimen reviews, assistance with survey preparation and more.

Quality Infusion Therapy Services Expand Clinical Capabilities

Infusion Therapy services are provided to Partners Pharmacy’s client communities through Partners I.V., a JCAHO-accredited affiliate. Working closely with nursing management staff, Partners I.V. assists in the management of infusion therapy programs specific to each community served. Through the ability to meet the needs of higher-acuity infusion therapy patients, clients can increase census potential and also distinguish and differentiate their communities in the competitive marketplace.

Staff Training and Education to Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Partners Pharmacy strives to keep community care teams informed about industry issues by providing a variety of regional administrative symposia, internal staff development programming, facility-specific in-service education and monthly online education – all designed to improve results for residents and enhance each client community’s financial position.

Complimentary Access to Convenient, Time-Saving Technology

All Partners Pharmacy client communities are served by PartnersConnect, a secure and easy-to-use web-based communications and data portal that enables facilities to easily refill medications, check the status of orders, view bills, check price quotes and more to improve medication efficiency and compliance.

Partners’ web portal is available at no charge to registered clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All functionality within this proprietary client portal has multiple security settings to accommodate desired staff access.

Partners combines the benefits of being a localized provider – enabling service to be immediate and personal – with the resources you would expect from the third-largest long-term care pharmacy provider in the United States. In addition to the wide range of long-term care pharmacy services and advanced technologies that are available to all clients, the Partners Pharmacy program includes:

  • Multiple pharmacy locations

  • Services available 24/7/365

  • Compounding pharmacy

  • Numerous packaging options

  • Multiple daily deliveries

  • Partners Medical Advisory Board

  • Focus on customer service excellence

Infusion Therapy


Partners Pharmacy recognizes that today’s skilled nursing patients frequently have more clinically complex needs and require additional levels of medical support to be served safely and effectively. Partners I.V. is recognized as a leader in comprehensive training and support services to senior care communities.

Click here for IV Training classes in your area.

Partners I.V. program assists in the management of facilities’ infusion therapy programs through important support services such as:

  • Standardized policies and procedures

  • Around-the-clock clinical consultation

  • Regional and facility-specific certification classes

Benefiting Residents and the Community

The Partners I.V. affiliate provides several key benefits and advantages to facilities and their residents, including:

  • Continuity of care and optimized clinical outcomes

  • Ability to care for higher acuity patients and achieve a more robust and stable census

  • Creating a point of differentiation in the competitive marketplace

  • Regulatory compliance for higher acuity patients

  • Expanding relationships with family members, physicians, hospitals and other referral sources

  • Providing a continuation of the facility’s IV care to residents at home after their discharge

Continuing Education and Training

Partners’ infusion therapy education programs, many of which carry continuing education credits for nurses, help nursing staffs build the confidence and expertise needed to provide residents with the highest quality infusion therapy and nursing care. The infusion therapy education program includes IV certification, policy and procedure development and ongoing in-service programs for all aspects of IV therapy as needed or requested by the facility.

Comprehensive Support to Assure Quality Care and Cost Effectiveness

Employing experienced IV nurses, Partners I.V. provides the professional expertise and support needed to assure top-quality infusion services for residents. Services include implementing standardized policies and procedures, around-the-clock clinical consultation, 24/7 IV-line starts and more. Partners I.V. enables facility caregivers to develop infusion services expertise and helps residents to remain in the facility and out of the hospital – a major priority for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Partners I.V. professionals continuously monitor residents’ infusion medications for safety and clinical efficacy and recommend adjustments as appropriate. Partners also assists in controlling infusion costs through close formulary management, dosing adjustments and other appropriate recommendations, while considering the health and safety of residents paramount.

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